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Professional Trustee Services

Experienced, Caring and Impartial

A substantial part of our practice involves serving in such capacities as the trustee of simple or complex trusts, the special or general administrator of probate estates, and advising the Conservator of minor or incompetent adult individuals requiring supervision. Our attorneys are frequently consulted in complex trust and estate disputes and in those matters where substantial assets and complicated financial issues are involved. This experience and expertise, and availability of highly trained support staff, often results in substantial savings to the trust or estate. Our fiduciary expertise is regularly utilized by the legal community in matters ranging from general trust and estate administration to complex litigation involving the management of a wide variety of assets.

Savings To Maximize Your Trust’s Potential

Typically, professional fiduciaries charge for their time in addition to hiring separate legal counsel to represent them, incurring a second set of legal fees. By only charging fees at reduced fiduciary rates, the trust or estate has the advantage of both the fiduciary and attorney in one person without the necessity to seek additional legal advice at each turn. Additionally, with the consent of the interested parties, Mulvena Winston can offer further cost savings by acting as the real estate or insurance and annuity broker and reducing related fees if feasible under the circumstances.

Tailored Trust Services

We are available to serve as a professional trustee, co-trustee, interim trustee, or successor trustee of a trust.  We are sometimes appointed by a Court to serve as trustee or special fiduciary during periods of litigation and settlement. In this capacity, we are guided by the terms of the trust document and the intent of the settlor(s), by agreement of all of the beneficiaries or parties involved, or by court order

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