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Trust Administration

Expert Protection For Your Legacy

We are regularly asked to serve as trustees, Personal Representative, and attorney-in-fact by clients who desire continued involvement of their legal counsel in the stewardship of family wealth, in accordance with their wishes as memorialized in their documents. In all cases where we serve as a fiduciary, we work with a team of professionals (including an independent investment advisor and CPA) to achieve prudent and effective management and allocation of assets.

In this capacity, we can handle all aspects of the probate administration from filing the appropriate probate petitions through final distribution of the estate, including marshaling estate assets, running or winding down the decedent’s business, handling the sale of residential or commercial estate property, paying estate expenses, final distribution of property, estate accounting and all tax related issues.

Tailored Trust Solutions

Each trust administration is different due to varying terms, beneficiaries, size and type of assets, liquidity requirements and trust objectives. We provide our clients with comprehensive and personalized trust administration services, including investment management oversight, distribution management, public benefit oversight, care management, tax accounting services, and other personalized services needed by the family and trust beneficiaries.

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