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Probate & Estate Administration

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Following the death of a loved one, grieving families often encounter additional stress while trying to navigate the complex legal, financial, and administrative aspects of probate administration. Depending upon the specific circumstances, the probate process can be relatively simple, or lengthy and costly for heirs. If you find yourself named as an heir to an estate, an interested party receiving various court documents, or named as a fiduciary under a decedent’s will, you will want a responsive attorney with the expertise to guide you through the process as quickly and cost efficiently as possible.

Probate Administration

Our probate attorneys deliver expert guidance for individuals involved in probate matters, and we will help you:

  • Determine where to start
  • Help you plan the quickest and most cost-efficient method of probate
  • Prepare and file the appropriate documents
  • Administer the estate
  • Handle tax issues
  • Distribute estate property
  • Manage estate expenses
  • Resolve liens
  • Manage all of the legal & technical aspects of probate administration

Probate Controversies

The division of property and assets while coping with the grief and stress of the loss can cause tension and conflict among family members and other parties.  It is also not unusual for biased actions taken by some family members prior to a person’s death to only come fully to light after the funeral.  Probate and trust disputes can lead to costly litigation, resulting in loss of time, money, and relationships.

Our firm represents clients with interests of all kinds throughout probate disputes, from interpreting wills, managing assets, determining property ownership, to removing and appointing fiduciaries.

Experienced guidance with all aspects of probate litigation, including:

  • Will contests
  • Undue influence
  • Lack of capacity
  • Failure to carry out a testator’s wishes
  • Distribution and accounting objections
  • Removing an executor or fiduciary
  • Challenging trustee investment management

Prior to bringing a matter to court, our attorneys make every effort to negotiate with all parties to reach a satisfactory resolution, focused on conserving funds, expediting the process, preserving relationships and alleviating worries.  We approach all disputes with the utmost diplomacy and respect and our proactive approach aims to avoid litigation.  Sometimes, just a basic explanation of rights and duties or meeting of opposing parties can resolve disputes and avoid more complex and costly legal actions. However, when an amicable resolution is not possible, our attorneys will aggressively advocate on your behalf to achieve your goals and protect your rights.

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