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We have worked hard our entire lives to make sure we would have both freedom and security in our retirement. Knowing that we made informed decisions, guided by your legal expertise, has allowed us to relax for the first time in 40 years.”

- Joan & Larry K.

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Having a child with profound birth defects means that we were always worried about his well-being after we’re gone. We cannot say enough about the team at Winston Law Group. You immediately understood the myriad of concerns my wife and I had. You worked with us patiently and professionally, explaining the law, as well as the medical, financial, and quality-of-life implications of every decision we had to make. It feels like a weight has been lifted from our hearts. Just knowing that we finally have a plan in place means everything.”

- Jon M.

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I truly believe I would never have been able to secure Medicaid coverage for my wife’s care if I hadn’t had you helping me through the process.

Your compassion and professionalism are truly appreciated. Anybody who believes all law firms are the same has not met the staff at Winston Law Group. Thank you again.”

- The Lewis Family

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It was very gratifying to know that the fees included numerous telephone conversations with the parties involved to explain the necessity for some of the language included in the documents and to answer any questions.  In the case of my mother’s will, this included your visit to my 92 year-old mother to clearly explain the documents and their repercussions.”

- Ken C.

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