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Guardianships / Conservatorships

Management. Protection. Support.

When loved ones lose the capacity to care for themselves and make their own financial and health care decisions, it is necessary to seek the appointment of a guardian and conservator by the court.  These are legal processes by which the Probate Court approves a suitable person to act on behalf of an impaired or incapacitated individual.

Whether you are seeking guardianship for a minor child, an incapacitated adult, or someone with special needs, we can provide the legal assistance needed to ensure that the best interests of your loved one are protected.

Our work in this area includes advising family conservators, and serving as a court-appointed conservator or successor conservator of minors or incompetent adult individuals requiring supervision.

 Our advisory responsibilities include:

  • Periodic report generation
  • Legal guidance on guardianship law and procedures
  • Representation during the appointment process
  • Mediation of disputes that may arise
  • Compliance with state laws and court rules
  • Ongoing assistance to appointed guardians
  • Full and final accounting

 Our conservator supervision provides:

  • Personal understanding of the individual’s needs
  • Assessment of and arrangements for social services and medical care
  • Review and oversight of public benefit and government agency services
  • Establishment of proper living arrangements
  • All necessary accountings to family and court
  • Payment of expenses and bills
  • Oversight and procurement of investment management
  • Arrangement for insurance coverage
  • Management of tax returns and tax payments

Let us help you protect your loved ones and ensure their interests are safeguarded. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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